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The Jimmy Square幾米廣場

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Have you ever imagined how the pictures in picture books would look if they became real? The Jimmy Square situated around the Yilan Station has finally fulfilled the dreams of Jimmy’s fans.

The Jimmy Square幾米廣場
The Jimmy Square used to be an old railway staff dormitory; it was later transformed into the transit center of long-haul buses. As Yilan happens to be the hometown of the famous illustrator, with the theme of “in memory of the transient scenery”, he created the first square in Taiwan featuring his own illustrations, in Yilan. The square still maintains the original historic buildings and old trees.

Here, you will see the male and female main characters from Turn Left, Turn Right (A Chance of Sunshine) departing hastily in opposite directions. Or you can see the little boy and girl from The Starry Starry Night waiting together for the bus that will never come. Or you can see the suitcase that holds the traveler’s memories from Sound of Colors. All the pieces of the installation art displayed at the Jimmy Square create limitless room for imagination and touch people’s hearts.

The Jimmy Square幾米廣場
The Happy Station that takes only five minutes to arrive at, no longer leaves the impression of hastiness. Visitors who travel here can now slow down and stop for a while to appreciate the beautiful scenery in the surroundings and imprint Yilan, the place that makes you smile, in their mind.


No.240, Sec. 1, Yixing Rd.,, Yilan City, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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