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National Center for Traditional Arts國立傳統藝術中心

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The Center for Traditional Arts in Dongshan River Scenic Area has added several pieces of installation art, such as Misty Forest and Tunnel of Leaping Fish. The place is an attraction suitable for the whole family to enjoy the cultural tour together. 

National Center for Traditional Arts國立傳統藝術中心
Walking into the park at the Center for Traditional Arts makes you feel like falling into a time tunnel. The streets decorated with red walls and black tiles are blended with the architectural styles of the old streets everywhere in Taiwan. All sorts of special stores, such as workshops and early Taiwanese variety stores, stand along the streets. Here, you may see things that trigger the fun memories of your childhood, such as dough figurine sculptures, sugar onion, traditional toys, glove puppetry, etc. 
When you feel tired after shopping, you can bring your children to the parent and child area to play and, or have some Taiwanese specialty food to replenish the lost energy. Or you can go to the performance hall and take a seat to enjoy the troupe’s performance; you will be able to completely bask in the performance as you listen to the sonorous and delicate singing as this slowly vanishing art is a part of our cultural heritage. 

National Center for Traditional Arts國立傳統藝術中心
In addition, you can try many interesting activities, such as hand dyeing fabric, handmade woodcraft, and making oil-paper umbrellas. The center not only allows visitors to eat and play at the same time, but hopes to blend art into life through understanding the beauty of traditional art with the help of these handmade activities, splendid performances, and traditional architecture.


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