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Electricity & Telecommunications

  • Electricity
    • Taiwan uses an electric current of 110 volts at 60 cycles. Many buildings also have 220-volt sockets.
    • Visitors with appliances of different voltages are urged to bring adapters with them.
  • Telephone

    Both coin and card pay public phones are available in Taiwan:

    • Coin phones accept coins in denominations of NT$1, NT$5, and NT10.
    • Card phones accept both magnetic-strip and IC stored-value cards available in amounts of NT$100, NT$200, and NT$300. These cards are sold in railway stations, bus stations, and convenience stores.
    • Local calls from public phones are charged at NT$1 per minute.
    • International direct calls are charged at NT$5 per specified unit of time.

    When making local calls, it is not necessary to dial the area code; however, when making long-distance calls, first dial the area code of the receiving party (see the explanations on public telephones) and then the number itself.

    Calling Overseas Direct from Taiwan
    • Dial Taiwan's international access code (002 or 009).
    • Dial the country code of the country being called (Ex. "1" for the US, "86" for mainland China).
    • Dial in the area code of the called party (leaving out the long-distance digit, "0").

    Dial the local number of the called party. For operator-assisted international calls, please dial "100."

    For information on international calling, call this toll-free number: 0800-080-100.

  • For international reverse charges or credit calls the dial-up codes for various countries are as follows
    • Australia 00801-610-610, 00801-610-061
    • Canada 00801-120-012
    • Germany 00801-490-049
    • Hong Kong 00801-852-111
    • Italy 00801-390-039
    • Japan 00801-810-051. 00801-810-033
    • South Korea 00801-820-820
    • Malaysia 00801-600-060
    • The Philippines 00801-630-063, 00801-630-630
    • Singapore 00801-656-565
    • United Kingdom 00801-440-044
    • United States (AT&T) 00801-102-880
    • United States (MCI) 00801-13-4567 (English), 00801-13-9988 (Mandarin)

    Dial-up codes are subject to change. For toll-free information on current codes call: 0800-080-100