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Top 10 Gourmet Cuisine

Ten surprising and stunning Lanyang fine dishes

This introduction to the top 10 Yilan dishes for dummies covers representative local dishes from street food to restaurant food and from the main course to dessert, enabling you to eat and have fun at the same time.

So, come to Yilan now for a food feast and try out the local delicacies, which are bound to give you lots of surprises!


Rice Noodles Thick Soup and Pork Thick Soup (Mi-fen-geng/Rou-geng)

They are the signature local dishes of Yilan and have been around for more than half a century.

As for Yilan's most famous "Garlic-flavored Pork Thick Soup" (Suan-wei-rou-geng), the exclusive garlic-flavored soup is rich in taste while the dense pork nuggets are delicious and tender.

Followed by a bowl of rice noodles thick soup, you'll certainly be both satisfied physically and mentally.


Spring Onion Pancake (Cong-you-bing)

As you walk amid the streets in Yilan, you'll often hear a sizzling sound coming from a fry pan; golden crispy dough is being fried, giving off the aromatic smell of spring onion.

The delicious pancake made with Yilan's famous Sanxing spring onion always attracts a long queue of people, waiting to have their bite.


Meat Fritters/Deep-fried Meat Cake (Bu-rou/Gao-zha)

Meat Fritters and Deep-fried Meat Cake are symbolic street foods of Yilan.

Ancestors who reclaimed and built Yilan in the early days lived a simple life.

They added potato starch to the leftover chicken soup, boiled it, and deep-fried it to make something that is crispy outside and soft inside.

With the special technique of deep frying tempura, the golden and crispy meat fritters are made with Taiwanese flavor.


Yilan Style Sausage (Fen-chang)

Early farmers in Yilan didn't have much to eat.

In order to add satiety to meat, they coated meat with potato starch; this eventually turned into Yilan's special dish, Yilan-style sausage.

Have you ever tasted the jelly-like Yilan-style sausage?

Order a plate of assorted braised side dish, and Yilan's local delicacy is all yours.


Soup Dumplings (Xiao-long-bao)

Soup dumplings are stuffed with pork and chopped spring onion fillings inside paper-thin wrapping.

As the chef lifts up the steamer lid, the fragrance is so tempting that they are often sold out immediately to the long queue of people waiting.

Gently pick one up with chopsticks and the soup will squirt out upon biting.

When you come to Yilan, the soup dumpling is a classic delicacy that you should not miss!



Yilan is a city with a thriving port culture where you can find plenty of freshly caught seafood.

Do not miss the seafood feast when you come to Yilan.

It is a place where you can try meaty lobster, fresh oyster, and chewy squid.

Let the variety of seafood dishes take you to the underwater world.


Shaved Ice with Tapioca/Heart Tapioca (Fen-yuan-bing/Bao-xin-fen-yuan)

The sweet and refreshing shaved ice topped with the chewy and hot heart tapioca (tapioca with a red bean inside) is a dessert with hot/cold contrast that never fails to amaze the visitors.

This creative dessert is popular and loved by many.


Cherry Duck (Ying-tao-ya)

Peking duck was made famous when it was brought to the Cherry Valley in the U.K. to raise ducks.

Later, people in Yilan bred the duck with success and countless creative cuisines also came into being.

One of them is the "One duck, Five Dishes".

The most famous dish is Cherry Duck Nigiri Sushi.

The crispy and oily skin is like a savory bomb that will burst in your mouth.

When you come to Yilan, cherry duck is definitely a must try!


Peanut Roll with Ice Cream (Hua-sheng-juan-bing-qi-lin)

The sound of the planer tool is what you hear when Yilan's special dessert, Peanut Roll with Ice Cream, is being made.

Wrapped in the delicately thin spring roll wrapper are the sweet shredded peanut and coriander topped with two scoops of ice cream.

Tourists love the old-school style flavor with its refreshing taste.


Deep-fried Tofu Skin Roll with Pork Filling (Rou-juan)

What? The crispy Rou-juan is one of the dishes in the state banquet?

This cheap yet delicious dish is a famous delicacy in Yilan.

The flavor of the pork filling is highlighted with onions and ground pepper.

There is a surprise in every bite of Rou-juan.

What are you still waiting for?

Hurry and go try it yourself!