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Spread out Yilan's foods of happiness

The delicious local delicacies are passed down from generation to generation.

Wrap your token of regard in a gift box and share it with your friends and families.

Let's spread out Yilan's foods of happiness.

What are you waiting for?

Let's go shopping now!


Sugarcane-smoked Duck (Ya-shang)

It's the thought that counts when giving people gifts.

As a high-standard gift, Yilan's sugarcane-smoked duck is salted for seven days before it is air-dried and smoked by charcoal and sugarcane.

The process is long and delicate.

The delicious duck is then nicely sliced and vacuum packaged.


Ox Tongue Cookies (Niu-she-bing)

In the early days, when babies reached four months of age, an elderly would punch a hole through a piece of cookie and hang it on the neck of the baby with a string to pray for the baby to be smart.

As the cookie is shaped thin and long like an ox's tongue, it is thus called the ox tongue cookie.

Try a piece of Yilan's crispy local product and enjoy the bliss.

This thoughtful gift offers good taste.


Panna Cotta Roll (Nai-dong-juan)

There is an agreeable sweetness and refreshing taste to the smooth and rich panna cotta, making it taste like ice cream.

It is heat relieving and mind blowing.

Yilan's special panna cotta roll has an aroma of milk.

When taking a bite, the great combination of soft cake and cool panna cotta makes it a popular dessert loved by everyone.


Peanut Brittle (Hua-sheng-tang)

Don't deliberate too much when it comes to Yilan's best gift.

It's got to be the peanut brittle!

Delicious peanuts are cooked and blended with maltose to create peanut brittle that is non-sticky and flavorful.

With sesame seeds or coriander, the variety of flavors is suitable for people of all ages.


Kumquat Cake (Jin-zao-su)

There is a surprise inside the mung bean paste filling.

The selected candied kumquat in the center instantly releases a wonderful smell when the kumquat cake is cut through the center.

The sweet and sour taste then turns into the taste of happiness in the mouth.

It is Yilan's perfect gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on people's face upon a bite.


Preserved Fruit (Mi-jian)

The fruits are washed and cleaned before being coated with layers of sugar for preservation.

The sweet and sour taste is so irresistible that you'll be finishing it before you know it.

The most renowned preserved fruit in Yilan is preserved kumquat.

The rich taste always leaves people speechless.


Marinated Pork Liver (Dan-gan)

Salted pork is one of Yilan's four treasures.

In the early days, when it was difficult to store pork liver, people used a variety of spices and seasoned the pork liver before air-drying it.

After undergoing the smoking process, the pork liver is easier to store.

The salty taste makes marinated pork liver a good side dish to go with beer.


Yokan (Yang-geng)

Yilan's Yokan is made with the cold spring water from Su'ao. With edible seaweed and sugar, it is slowly simmered and concentrated into a dessert with an agreeable sweetness.

In addition to the traditional azuki bean flavor, there are also green tea, Oolong tea, and chocolate flavored yokan.

Yokan is the coolest gift found in Yilan.


Sanxing Spring Onion (San-xing-cong)

Taiwan's number one Sanxing Spring Onion is grown with the purest water from the Lanyang River.

It has a delicate texture and exudes a rich smell of spring onion.

When made into the famous Sanxing spring onion pancake and spring onion pie, the mouthwatering fillings and crispy taste make them a must-try in Yilan.